Men’s League

The Spooner Men’s League consists of 2 person teams playing an 18 hole match each week. The league has two divisions with 10 teams each. Each division plays the other teams within their division, and five matches against teams from the other division. Each match has a possible 3 points; 1 for winning the front 9, 1 for winning the back 9, and 1 for total.  These matches are match play.

Every league member is required to have a USGA or WSGA handicap to be used for the matches. The season usually starts in early May and ends in early September.

League dues are $50 which is used to pay out weekly prizes and year end awards.  We are always looking for new teams.

For any questions, or if you are interested in joining, please contact Paul Missinne at (715) 939-0100 or by email at